Hatid Ayuda sa Pamilya (Part 1): VIDES Pinoy Partners with Tanging Yaman Foundation

Sr Sue Bacani FMA and VIDES Volunteers strike a pose with Hatid Ayuda sa Pamilya beneficiaries
from San Roque, Quezon City

Sr Sue Bacani FMA and VIDES Volunteers with Hatid Ayuda sa Pamilya beneficiaries
from Delpan, Manila

On August 10, 2021, Feast of St. Lawrence, young deacon and martyr who respected, loved and served the poor as the real treasures of the Church, Sr Maria Socorro Bacani FMA and VIDES Pinoy volunteers bring timely help to two urban poor barangays in San Roque, Quezon City and Delpan, Manila. 

More than three-hundred (300) families happily received their share of the 600 kilos of free potatoes, sayote, carrots, sweet potatoes, and cassava courtesy of the Tanging Yaman Foundation, Inc. (Tanging Yaman), a non-profit Philippine organization, established in 1992 by Fr. Manoling Francisco, S.J. 

VIDES Pinoy has been serving these families since 2004 through the Busina-Mo-Dunong-Ko (BMDK) mobile educational program for their children and the formation of the VIDES Educating Communities in these areas. The mothers are now VIDES parent-leaders and coordinators of their respective communities who share in the vision and mission of VIDES together with their families. They actively attend regular formation online during the pandemic and are daily nourished by the Word of God through the sharing of reflection and prayer in their group chat. They also willingly give and accept advice, encouragement and tips on how to become better and creative home-managers imbued with Gospel values. 

Indeed, the day’s First Reading at Mass, “God loves a cheerful giver” (2 Cor. 9:7) continues to inspire and guide the journey of VIDES Philippines volunteers, hand-in-hand with the educating communities whom they joyfully serve. They experience that, as always, God cheers loving givers! Happy to help, VIDES Pinoy is ever growing as ONE for OTHERS!



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