Volunteers' Corner: Atty Arfine Ingusan

Atty Arfine Ingusan, a lawyer from the non-governmental organization Sentro ng Alternatibong Lingap Panligal (SALIGAN), gave the following reflections on her participation in the Mission Camp held in Minglanilla, Cebu from August 19-21, 2017:

Q:  In what way has the Mission Camp touched you as a person or volunteer?

A: The mission helped strengthen the spirit of  being “one for others”. Even the simple act of sharing the time, resources, wisdom and talent GOD has given us seemed to have created a ripple of positive effect to those whom we have encountered. On the other hand, this opportunity to be of service to others have let us feel some sense of life’s purpose.

Q:  Have you encountered Jesus in the Mission Camp? Please share your experience.

A: Yes. HE had been there all throughout the mission camp from the time I left home to attend the mission camp, to some sidetrips, to the divine providence of letting me be able to develop the module presentation given a very limited time, to actual facilitation of the training of trainors, to a last minute assignment to facilitate the children’s session, to my airplane ride back home. HE had been with me all the time.

Q: How do you think  the service you rendered for the VIDES Mission Camp will affect you as a person? 

A: I believe that every human has a seed of kindness. Through this given opportunity to be of service to others, that seed could be nurtured. I felt privileged to be part of this noble mission. Not everyone is given the same opportunity to let their seed of kindness grow through this kind of experience.

Q: Which part of the mission camp struck you the most and why?

      A: The enthusiastic participation of all.  There is something about the enthusiasm, positive energy and the love we put in what we do that for me is magical and priceless. Pure bliss.