Relief Operations in San Remigio, Cebu

Five months after typhoon Yolanda ravaged Central Philippines, local volunteers and representatives of the FMA Cebu Educating Community and VIDES Philippines Volunteer Foundation Inc. traveled to the municipality of San Remigio in Northern Cebu to conduct relief operations and catechesis.


Composed of a caravan of two huge trucks filled with relief goods and a small van, the relief operations group braved the heavy rains induced by a low pressure area.  The volunteers passed through roads lined up with uprooted mango trees, felled coconut trees, and roofless schools and houses.  

Happy and hopeful smiles greeted the group when they finally arrived at the third class municipality after traveling some 61 miles from Cebu City.  

The distribution of relief items, which were generously provided by VIDES Italy and Caritas Italiana, started at around twelve noon and ended on or about half past eight in the evening. A total of 625 families received a half cavan of rice, blankets, and health and sanitation products.