VIDES General Assembly 2022

Thank you to everyone who have attended this year's General Assembly. We hope you were inspired by the Strenna for 2022. As St. Francis de Sales said, "Do all through love, nothing through constraint."

We, especially the new faces in the Board of Trustees, are excited to journey with you this year. And of course, under the guidance of Sr Paz Bandalan.
Hope to see you again and have your support on our future events and projects.
Here's to a more fruitful 2022.

Sr. Paz Bandalan, FMA, our new VIDES Pinoy Delegate, welcomed everyone and started the event off with a prayer. 

The Strenna of the Rector Major for 2022 was shared.  The Strenna's theme for 2022 is a quote from Sr. Francis of Sales: "Do all through love, nothing through constraint."

Former BOT President, Lezeil Ebdane shared the programs lined up for 2022. This includes: Volunteer Formation, Lenten Recollection, Spiritual Accompaniment, Advent Recollection, Grand Kumustahan, National Conference in preparation for the: International Conference of VIDES Internazionale.

The International Conference will be in July, hosted in Poland. Hence, for preparation, VIDES Pinoy will have its National Conference in May.

Meet our Board of Trustees!

From left to right, top to bottom): Sr. Paz Bandalan, VIDES Pinoy Delegate; Sr. Catherine Urgello, FMA (LV Palawan), VIDES BOT Councilor; Sr. Lyn Yap, FMA (MHCS Mabalacat, Pampanga), VIDES BOT Treasurer; Sr. Debbie Ponsaran, FMA (DBS Manila); Sr. Guia Asparen, FMA (LV Malihao, Victorias, Negros Occidental); Sr. Arlene Rafaela, FMA (MHCS Minglanilla, Cebu); Sr. Ma. Teresa Lorenzo, FMA (MHCC Canlubang, Laguna); Sr. Nancy Esmero, FMA (MHC Agri-Tech. Center, Mindoro Or.) 

From left to right, top to bottom:

Ciel Estacio, the new VIDES BOT President; Marian Belarmino, new VIDES BOT Secretary; Lezeil Ebdane; Zarah de Guzman; Jennilyn Pequit; Leonorico "Jun" Gorantes; Ericka Quilos