VIDES Philippines Welcomes New Board of Trustees

Last July 18, 2021, VIDES Pinoy welcomed its new Board of Trustees, composed of seven (7) FMA community animators and seven (7) volunteers.  It held its first meeting presided by the new VIDES Delegate, Sr. Maria Socorro Bacani, FMA.  This historical meeting, held via Zoom, marked the beginning of a new organizational structure for VIDES Philippines which is aligned to the VIDES International model with FMA sisters and lay volunteers. They are committed to walk together sharing the one vision and mission of VIDES.

Chaired by Sr. Socorro, FMA, the newly mandated Board is composed of the following:

The 7 FMA animators from seven communities in Luzon and the Visayas: Sr. Catherine Urgello, FMA (LV Palawan); Sr. Arlene Rafaela, FMA (MHCS Minglanilla, Cebu); Sr. Guia Asparen, FMA (LV Malihao, Victorias, Negros Occidental); Sr. Lyn Yap, FMA (MHCS Mabalacat, Pampanga); Sr. Nancy Esmero, FMA (MHC Agri-Tech. Center, Mindoro Or.); Sr. Ma. Teresa Lorenzo, FMA (MHCC Canlubang, Laguna); Sr. Debbie Ponsaran, FMA (DBS Manila).

The 7 lay volunteers:  Lezeil Ebdane, Marian Belarmino, Mariciel Estacio, Engr. Lordinel Adarlo, Cindy Pura, Jennilyn Pequit, and Zarah De Guzman.

Sr. Josefina Carrasco FMA, VIDES International BOD member, was invited to welcome the new Board and give them a special message.  She encouraged them and stressed the importance of working together to fulfill the mission of accompanying the youth and helping the poor. She affirmed the potential and much opportunities of VIDES to be truly ONE FOR OTHERS more than ever in this time of pandemic.

Guided and inspired by Mother General Yvonne Reungoat’s dream for VIDES, an election was a priority in the agenda in order to adopt the BOT model of VIDES Internazionale to VIDES Philippines.  Two (2) lay volunteers and two (2) FMA Sisters were elected to the Executive Board.  

The BOT members engaged in a lively discussion on VIDES Pinoy’s programs, projects, activities, and future plans.  VIDES Office staff and coordinator of VIDES community in Cavite, Ms. Amy Suzara, was invited to present an updated report on the organization's initiatives and recent accomplishments.

In her good night talk, Sr. Tita Padron, FMA FIL-PNG Provincial Superior,  lauded the good work being done by VIDES in spreading God’s good news and serving the underprivileged.  She drew insights from this day’s Gospel wherein Jesus invited the apostles to “come away to a deserted place and rest awhile” after their busy day helping many people in need.  So busy were they that they even had no chance to eat.  Similarly, Sr. Tita encouraged the Sisters and volunteers, no matter how busy they are, to also take time for self-care and rest awhile in Jesus, the Good Shepherd, whose heart was filled with compassion for all.  

Sr. Socorro led the community praying of “Shepherd us, O Lord” which capped the inspiring, enriching, and meaningful virtual encounter.


VIDES Pinoy Says Thank You and Welcome!


Last July 10, we bade farewell and welcome to FMA sisters who are very dear to our hearts.

Thank you, Sr Mel David FMA, for leading VIDES Pinoy during a very challenging time. Because of your guidance, we have found opportunities in the midst of crisis. We were able to accomplish a lot despite the global pandemic   We wish you good luck in your new assignment. We will surely miss you!

Welcome back, Sr Jojo Carrasco, FMA, VIDES Pinoy's previous delegate, and now an elected member of the VIDES International Board of Directors! We missed you and we are very pleased to see you again. We look forward to seeing more of you.

We are excited to welcome you back, Sr Sue Bacani, FMA! We look forward to a meaningful VIDES journey with you as our VIDES Pinoy Delegate.  We missed you and we are delighted that you're back.


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Snapshots of the VIDES Pinoy General Assembly with Sr Teresita C. Padron FMA

Thank you to our dear FMA sisters and volunteers who have attended our short assembly last July 10, 2021. Hope you were all inspired with Mother General's dream for VIDES.

Thank you so much to our Salesian sisters, especially to our new Provincial Superior--Sr Tita Padron, FMA, for sharing their time to meet our active volunteers.

Congratulations also to Sr Jojo Carrasco, FMA for being part of the VIDES International Board of Directors!

And most of all, thank you very much to Sr Mel for the wonderful years of being VIDES Pinoy's delegate. 🥰❤️

Welcome [back], Sr Sue!! 😁❤


VIDES General Assembly with Sr. Teresita Padron FMA

Join us this Saturday, 10 July 2021, for our General Assembly and get to meet the newly installed FMA Philippines & PNG Provincial Superior, Sr. Teresita C. Padron FMA!
See you there!


VIDES Pinoy: Committed to Being One for Others in the Time of Pandemic


Watch the snapshots of VIDES Pinoy's projects and activities from January to June 2021. Despite the persisting challenges brought about by the pandemic, we continue to adhere to our commitment to serve and be one for others. You will also get to see a preview of our upcoming initiatives!