VIDES: Giving Hope and Sharing God's Words in the Time of the Pandemic

In March 2020, the National Capital Region and provinces in Luzon were placed under community quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As travel and activity restrictions were enforced, VIDES Philippines had no choice but to temporarily cancel its regular literacy and formation sessions in the areas it serves and assists.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, VIDES Philippines continues to fulfill its mission of bringing the good news of God’s love and salvation, especially to those in the peripheries. In these trying times, accompanying others, especially the youth, has become even more pressing. As people experience physical, mental, economic, and spiritual difficulties, the need to provide not just material assistance, but also moral and spiritual support, is highlighted.

The volunteer organization takes advantage of technology and social media to reach out to the volunteers and communities. Despite the physical limitations, VIDES Philippines is able to continuously conduct formation and evangelization activities.

One best practice is Sr Mel David’s sharing of the daily gospel to VIDES volunteers, staff, and beneficiaries using an online messaging application. Members of the VIDES Pinoy community are able to reflect on God’s words, pray together, and interact with one another through the use of social media. Using the references sent to them electronically, kids and mothers in the different communities that VIDES Philippines ministers to also regularly get together to read bible verses, share reflections, and conduct learning sessions.

To make information and materials more accessible to the volunteers, livestreams of eucharistic celebrations, videos of religious events, schedules of church activities, and relevant references are also posted at the VIDES Pinoy Volunteers’ Facebook Group. Videos and gratitude cards which offer prayers and appreciation to medical personnel, other frontliners, and donors are also produced by volunteers and beneficiaries.

As the world continues to feel the negative impact of the pandemic, the entire VIDES Pinoy family continues to pray as a community, show solidarity, and stay true to the motto of being “One for Others.”

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