Volunteers' Corner: Atty Juan Karlo Silva

Atty Juan Karlo Silva, a lawyer from the non-governmental organization Sentro ng Alternatibong Lingap Panligal (SALIGAN), joined the  the Mission Camp held in Minglanilla, Cebu from August 19-21, 2017.  Together with fellow lawyers from SALIGAN, he facilitated learning sessions for VIDES volunteers and for the mothers from the locality on Positive Discipline. 

Read Atty. Karlo's reflections on his participation in the VIDES Mission Camp below:

Q:  In what way has the Mission Camp touched you as a person or volunteer?

A: The mission camp was filled with good intentions and everyone is in the spirit of compassion for others. Being part of such an activity made me feel warmhearted. It is a joyful and satisfying experience to extend a helping hand to those who are in dire need of understanding,compassion, and relief. It is definitely an a priceless experience and I hope everyone would have the opportunity to be part of this kind of activity. Lastly, the world is much better knowing that there is an organization doing this.

Q:  Have you encountered Jesus in the Mission Camp? Please share your experience.

A: As a Catholic, I believe in Jesus Christ and his teachings. Being part of this activity is one of the ways of following Jesus’ foot steps. Following Jesus Christ uplifts your spirit. It gives you a heavenly happy feeling like no other. Having felt that way tells me that Jesus is leading us to heaven.

      Q: How do you think  the service you rendered for the VIDES Mission Camp will affect you as a person? 

A: Each time we do something good for others, something good also happens to us. But of course, we should first learn to look back and reflect on the things we have experienced. We should learn to appreciate the consequences of our actions in pursuit of God’s heavenly promise. Thereafter, we will realize God’s presence and promise.
      Q: Do you think the volunteering activities that you experienced today will inspire you to help others in your own little way?

      A: Yes. We all have our own crosses to carry. It may vary in weight and length because we all have unique circumstances. With this is mind, I do not expect everyone nor anyone to give more than what he/she has. Hence, however little, volunteering to help someone is already a step closer to heaven

     Q: Which part of the mission camp struck you the most and why?

     A: The part where the volunteers reach out to a vast number of persons, young and old, women, men, and children.

    Q: Have your expectations been met?

     A: Knowing where you are going is half the battle. With the proper mindset, expectations will be met. I joined and went to the activity not for personal comfort, but to share what we can to those who have less.

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