Planting Seeds of Love and Joyful Service

VIDES volunteers joined the Salesian Educating Community last February 15, 2014 for a tree planting and bonding activity to celebrate Sr. Sarah Garcia's Gratitude Day in San Pablo, Laguna. 

The day started with a mass at the St. Francis of Assisi Parish where Fr. Joel Torres emphasized the importance of living and serving with HEART (Humility, Enthusiasm, Amor, Respect, Thankfulness). He urged everyone to sow generously so that they may reap generously.  The attendees were also enjoined to heed the call to value  faithfulness and sharing.

For her message to the community, Sr Sarah underscored that teachings and examples of Don Bosco and Mother Mazarello show how God is deeply rooted in their hearts.  She asked everyone to serve the Lord with gladness, to be happy and holy in the Lord, and to commit to love.  She related that despite the trials and challenges, she is sure that the Salesian family is happy.  

Sr Sarah said that planting trees is a symbol that the Salesian Family Tree is rooted in good soil.  In ending her message, she urged the Salesian community to believe that love will flourish from within and among them. 

After the mass, everyone trooped to Sampaloc Lake for lunch and bonding time.  The volunteers took advantage of the time to explore the park, enjoy and marvel at nature, rent bicycles, take photos, and chat with Sr. Sarah and their co-volunteers.   

The tree planting activity at the nearby Malabanban Watershed followed. Young and old members of the Salesian community hiked to plant seedlings which were appended with colorful strips of papers containing their individual commitments to serve others and to be good stewards of the environment.


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